Our solutions are offered in an efficient and cost-effective manner with the introduction of the cloud-based eConsulting and eAudit platforms – two unique products launched in collaboration with eAcore Pte Ltd.

We focus on long term partnerships with unparalleled support throughout the management system lifecycle. We strongly believe in holding clients’ hands along their journey towards improvement with professionalism, quality and value.

We believe in the “one-client-one-system” approach.  All our solutions are customized to suit specific client needs and aim to integrate the management system requirements with the client’s policies, strategic directions, context and culture.

Our team has strong academic background and several years of professional experience in management system design, implementation, certification and accreditations in various sectors, geographies and management system standards.

Arete Solutions operates as Arete Solutions Pte Ltd in Singapore and as Arete Solutions Sdn Bhd in Brunei Darussalam. 

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