Process Plus

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Wondering how to make the best use of an implemented management system?

Experience Arete’s Process Plus, a tailored and value-added solution. We customize this solution to suit the client’s needs, existing processes and scope of operations.

We offer one or more of the following supports

Integration of Management Systems

Integrate multiple management systems for a single or multiple locations for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Process reviews and benchmarking

Review the processes, identify inefficiencies, determine the best possible solutions, bench mark the processes against best practices.

Process and goal alignments

Align your processes, process controls and process performance measures to organisational goals and strategies for better results

Process monitoring and measurement

Establish and implement robust process measurement systems to enable an efficient and accurate monitoring of process performance data.

Multi location review and benchmarking

Evaluate the performance of your multi location operations, compare results, initiate actions for consistency and set benchmarks for improvement.

Knowledge Transfer and team development

Work closely, coach and mentor a selected group of people within your organization on every aspect of a management system.

Process plus

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