e-Audit: A cost-effective solution to manage complex audit programs. Take control of your internal and supplier audits

Our audit solutions are powered by a cloud-based e-Audit platform in collaboration with e-Acore Pte Ltd, Singapore. The use of this platform ensures that the entire audit management process starting with audit programming to the effective closure of audit findings is managed effectively in a highly transparent manner. The key features of the platform include audit scheduling, developing customized checklists, scoring of audit elements if required, nonconformity reporting and management, monitoring the status of nonconformities and auto alerts, generation of reports and statistics, virtual audit facilities and a mobile application to have the information for quick access.

The platform should serve as excellent support for every auditor, auditing organisation or organisation aiming to enhance their internal and supplier audit programmes. 

Please contact shaji@aretesolution.com for more details or to arrange a demo.

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